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B2C is an encrypted currency designed from the original source code of the bitcoin blockchain, the most stable, reliable and secure on the market.B2CCoin's aim is to be one of the most used payment methods when acquiring products and services; providing a simple and easy access to a valuable asset, by making a safe and reliable payment. It can be acquired, settled and used worldwide with no effort; through the market itself.The purpose of B2Ccoin is to create a high-potential cryptocurrency, based on its trading power, valued by parameters that prevent price manipulation. This will make B2C a strong cryptocurrency with, at the same time, high transaction speed and low commercial rates. B2C is projected to facilitate business operations in the cryptocurrency world, and also attract consumers and suppliers due to its operational safety and added value.


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0.25 $
0.65 $
7,500,000 $
39,000,000 $

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15 %

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